In 2012 the Q4 team set out on a path to reduce our global carbon foot print by installing a 50.0KW Solar PV system on top of our manufacturing building. Since 2012 the system has generated 543.14 Megawatts of power! In comparison the number of megawatts supplied to date could power 34 football stadiums. We are proud to say that the clean power has also supplied the Q4 manufacturing departments the needed energy to operate our state-of-the-art Metal Fabrication shop, Fiberglass and Composite shop as well as our Projection screen forming shop which all contribute to the manufacturing of 100’s of optical display systems for our worldwide customer base.  Q4 is also pleased to say that our single 50.0KW systems has generated 375 tons of global carbon offset equivalent to 32 acres of forest. Q4 is very proud of our decision to do our part to reduce our carbon foot print while we continue to manufacture and deliver high quality visual display products for the simulation and training environments.