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Q4 is exceeding expectations
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As an industry leader, Q4 is committed to providing the most innovative and high-performing visual display solutions in the world. But equally important is the dedication to provide each customer with an exceptional experience.

With unmatched skills and expertise, the Q4 team not only meets each client’s expectations but exceeds them with each new completed project or newly installed product.  Take a look at what some of Q4 most satisfied customers are saying.

Here’s what Q4’s clients have to say about their experience.

“The Mylar job is complete and we are very pleased. Your team was amazing!

Their technical expertise and professional conduct impressed everyone here at Cherry Point. I look forward to doing more business with Q4 in the future.”

André A. Blair, Cherry Point
“…great support as always.”
Ariel Bolaños, CAE NETC
“Q4 was recommended to Airbus when one of our FFS 40 X 180 screens required a complete Reskin in 2006. We contracted Q4 for the repair and they completely exceeded our expectations of quality, service, cost, and repair time. They were professional and responsive to all our requirements, allowing us to be RFT and ahead of schedule. They even cleaned the floor before leaving!

Yes, 100%, we would use Q4 again.”

Todd Metts, Airbus
“Q4 has outstanding turn around times, quality repairs, excellent shipping containers, and has been extremely professional in all our dealings with them. Thanks!”
Trev Teel, Southwest Airlines
“Just wanted to thank Q4 for an excellent job last week on our simulator.

The conversion to the SuperPan tubes maintaining the 180 degrees, and the re-skin of the mirror has been completed in a professional manner and I am happy to report that the sim has passed its flight test and is now in service on schedule.”

Ralph, British Airways
“That is amazing news! Much appreciate your great efforts in coordinating the earlier shipping of this PO.”
Daniela, CAE Inc.
“I hope you had a safe trip back to the US. I want to thank you for your excellent performance, professional conduct, and helpful attitude. It was a pleasure to work with you guys. Hopefully, in the future, we will have more opportunities to work together.”
Gerd, Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH

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