Transportable. Immersive. Perfectly Priced.


DirectVue’s continuous, spherical rigid display provides a high-quality, immersive training environment that is easily transportable, designed for single doorway access and perfect for use in a classroom setting.

Supporting the continuing, rapid growth of lower end, fixed base training devices that require a high performance dome, DirectVue is supplied with a fully-integrated, 3-channel high definition projection system, offering a sharp, bright and immersive solution. The display has built-in height adjustment to accommodate a range of training device eye points.

  • 6 foot radius
  • 200° X 45° field-of-view
  • Built-in height adjustment to accommodate a range of eye points
  • Easily transported and operated within the classroom ceiling height environment
  • Short manufacturing lead times
  • Competitively priced
SupraVue Lite | Collimated Display