Doug was nominated for his work in keeping the E&M Lab a highly efficient and functional shop.  Within the past few projects Doug has had to jump through hoops with tight deadlines, quickly shift direction when devices are untimely changed, and has kept an ample amount of stock required for in-house RMA testing.  Doug is in command of his inventory and able to provide real-time counts on a moment’s notice which is especially helpful when our schedules have been as tight as they were in Q4 2020 and now Q1 2021.  Finally, Doug is exceptionally polite and helpful each time I work directly with him which makes for a continued positive work environment.

To recognize this accomplishment, Doug will receive a certificate of achievement as well as gift cards for dinner and Target.  Doug is eligible for the President’s Award for Excellence which is announced in December 2021.


Please help me in congratulating Doug on this accomplishment!  Well deserved, Doug! Thank you for your hard work!