I am pleased to announce that Kelly Baumann and Sheri Haisten are the winners of the February Reward and Recognition Program!

The team effort of Sheri Haisten and Kelly Baumann were nominated for their shared responsibility of deconstructing the 225×55 drawing package and entering all items within the drawing package as a kit BOM in NAV. This was a tremendous effort by the two of them over the past 4 months and it will allow Q4 to properly assemble the kit of parts into a systems and ship the “system” out to the customer as a single item in which we will be able to see the overall cost of the product in NAV for future reference. This will also allow for the proper consumption of materials used on the system to properly remove them from the inventory and allocate the cost to the project.  The team of Kelly and Sheri have also started to work on entering the kit BOM’s for the FedEx 150×40 systems so we can utilize the same process and procedure to collect all cost and removed the product from our inventory in NAV. This will be a significant benefit to use as a reference point on overall cost to a project.