I am pleased to announce that Jim Matis and Antoine Ferguson are the winners of the October Reward and Recognition Program!

Antoine Ferguson and Jim Matis were nominated for their work in the E&M department.  Over the past couple of months, Jim and Antoine have been an enormous asset in working in the department.  Antoine has been doing the manufacturing, wiring and testing of all E&M product.   Jim has been reorganizing and pulling out older parts, updating drawings while they build and quality checking product before it goes out.  Thank you to these two gentlemen for giving Q4 the ability to ship product during this time.

To recognize this accomplishment, both gentlemen will receive a certificate of achievement as well as gift cards for dinner and Target.  Additionally, they are eligible for the President’s Award for Excellence which is announced in December 2021.

Please help me in congratulating Jim and Antoine on this accomplishment!  Well deserved!